Integrate universal and contingent actions into larger planning/implementation initiative


It is likely that some combination of elements from all five of these forces will shape the future of Greater Philadelphia. There is a very good probability that new transportation technologies and modes will emerge, climate will create major systemic risk, and population and employment locational preferences will change.

The discussion will be ongoing as the Connections 2045 Long-Range Plan is developed. What other challenges do you think the region will face as a result of these forces? What other actions should we take, what skills should we focus on developing, or what investments should we make? What are the priority actions? None of the actions contained within this report are easy, but if the long-term benefits significantly outweigh the short-term costs, then it is incumbent on us all to find ways to bring them about and move forward the vision of a more sustainable, equitable, and innovative Greater Philadelphia.

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  • Alternative Futures for Scenario Planning in Comprehensive Planning

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