Mobility Plan Improves Transit Travel Time


"Belo Ho­ri­zonte tackled long transit times with im­prove­ments to pub­lic trans­port and the pro­mo­tion of act­ive mo­bil­ity.

Un­der Plan­Mob-BH, Belo Ho­ri­zonte has in­tro­duced new strategies to im­prove mo­bil­ity in the city. The plan in­cludes the ad­di­tion of 60km of bus rapid transit (BRT) and metro lines as well as a bike-shar­ing sys­tem, among other schemes, to stim­u­late act­ive mo­bil­ity and re­duce travel times. Plan­Mob-BH is the res­ult of a pub­lic-private part­ner­ship between the gov­ern­ment, in­ter­na­tional agen­cies, and bus com­pan­ies that helped fin­ance new buses. The new pro­jects con­trib­ute to the city’s Re­duc­tion of Green­house Gases Plan and will ac­count for 28% of the city’s 2030 goal of re­du­cing 1.45 mil­lion tons of CO2 emis­sions per year.

The new ini­ti­at­ives have also been pos­it­ively re­ceived by com­muters. In a city sur­vey, 52% of re­spond­ents said they spend less time on pub­lic trans­port after the ex­ten­sion of the BRT. Belo Ho­ri­zonte is one of the first cit­ies in Brazil to pre­pare an urban mo­bil­ity plan in ac­cord­ance with the coun­try’s over­all strategy."

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