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This solution addresses Energy access in the developing world in India, Kenya, Haiti, Sunny Places for Entrepreneurs, Makers, Builders

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Problem Description

Transitioning to renewable energies is one of the key challenge of our generation. We want to get our sustainable, low-cost and high-powered technology out there in as many hands as possible. Our team has developed a sustainable energy technology that can empower millions of people everywhere. Our technology requires standard construction material that don’t require large quantities of energy to produce. In fact, using wood and bamboo for structural pieces could make building the machine itself carbon neutral, which would solve the "carbon down payment" problem involved in other technologies.

Building Blocks


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“GoSol is crowdfunding a scalable and cost-effective solar solution” - Treehugger
“GoSol could be the key to no-cost solar heat around the world” ­­- Inhabitat


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  • Urs Riggenbach, GoSol.org