Establish policies and pilot projects to promote transportation-oriented urban development


Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a strategy to create dense neighborhoods with a mix of concentrated uses around mass public transportation. This strategy creates a compact, dynamic, and equitable city with accessible environments for cyclists and pedestrians—all connected to a public mass transportation network. CDMX is developing strategic projects, such as recovery and redesign for Intermodal Transfer Centers (CETRAM), and is integrating TOD strategies into the new Urban Development General Program (PGDU) for specific areas of the city, with a focus on the development of housing, services, urban amenities, and jobs related to public transportation.

The TOD strategy will allow CDMX to create a more compact city, with more jobs and a greater housing density, and to reduce commute times and the use of private cars. This strategy will have a positive impact on the quality of life of everyone in CDMX.

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  • Improve mobility through integration, safety, & sustainability

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