Adaptation & resilience framework for the Bristol Avon catchment


This is a multi-agency collaborative initiative to identify opportunities and risks for organisations by climate change disruption and economic austerity through greater integration of actions across sectors and political boundaries working at a catchment scale. This innovative initiative is in the process of engaging with other key strategic planning organisations and infrastructure providers to understand the interdependent risks and opportunities and deliver cross-sectoral adaptation actions in spatial planning at a catchment scale. It will address relevant Global Sustainable Development Goals at a local scale and highlight where the enhancement of our regional natural capital could be made in multiple distributed locations, to deliver multi-beneficial outcomes from collaborative investments. By integrating the framework into existing work streams, operational and investment plans, development decisions can be made based on wider identified risks, with wider costed solutions and routes to delivery that enhance the value of existing and future investments in the region.The ultimate aim is to create an attractive sustainable place for future generations, with a strong regional economy and enduring infrastructure supported by sustainable agriculture and resilient natural capital.

Part of Solutions

  • Improve agility of decision-making
  • Improved sustainability of the natural environment

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