SevernNet circular economy plan


SevernNet is a not-for-profit enterprise bringing together businesses and community enterprises in the industrial areas of Portbury, Avonmouth and Severnside to the north-west of Bristol city centre. SevernNet has developed, with bottom up and top down input from stakeholders across the area, an Economic Plan for the area with five key themes. These are Place and Connection, Transport, Skills, Enterprise and Circular Economy.
SevernNet already has the cooperation of 10 key businesses in the areas to start developing initiatives to:
• Identify and support opportunities for linkages (e.g. into existing or new businesses and enterprises) and minimising / eliminating waste (complementary to supply chain enterprise initiatives), new models of enterprise; business redesign and renewable energy sources; and
• Promoting and supporting opportunities to develop the local sharing economy e.g. tool shares, repair clubs, clothes swaps.

Part of Solutions

  • Improve agility of decision-making
  • Improved connectedness for a more participatory culture
  • Improved sustainability of the natural environment

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