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Based on this research and feedback from experts around the region, three alternative future scenarios,
each featuring a distinct combination of policy and investment choices, were developed. These were compared
to a “reference scenario” which continued current trends, and the pros and cons of each were analyzed. Descriptions and analysis of the three scenarios were released for public comment during summer 2009, and are available online at

CMAP constructed scenarios using a thematic method. In thematic scenario construction, each scenario is a combination of individual strategies, or a course of action. The three scenarios included: reinvest, where infrastructure would be rebuilt in existing communities to support growth and development; preserve, where the character of communities would remain largely intact; and innovate, where new technology and innovations would drive quality of life improvements. CMAP included the following 6 themes: Economic development, Energy, Environment, Housing, Land use, Transportation. When a theme and a scenario meet, a course of action is specified.

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  • Scenario Planning for Comprehensive Regional Planning

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