Evaluate scenarios and develop preferred scenario


While the future cannot be predicted with certainty, CMAP’s analysis and outreach indicate that if the preferred Regional Scenario becomes our region’s reality, it will bring substantial quality-of-life benefits. Infrastructure will be more effective to use and efficient to maintain. The economy will be stronger, and public costs will be contained. The environment will be healthier, and pressure on natural resources will be eased.

We need to:
- Create more compact, mixed-use, livable communities to serve as the building blocks of our region’s future development.
- Invest more effectively in education and workforce development, while fostering a business climate that encourages job growth and innovation by the private sector.
- Improve the region’s high-quality system of parks and open space, while using conservation measures to reduce our consumption of energy and water.
- Plan multi-modally for transportation and target transportation investments to achieve outcomes such as economic growth, environmental protection, and congestion reduction, while finding more sustainable ways to finance infrastructure improvements.
- Track our performance to assess where to make improvements to reach the region’s desired future.

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  • Scenario Planning for Comprehensive Regional Planning

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