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To take the go to 2040 plan to completion and implementation, this preferred Regional Scenario is the next major step, in which CMAP is articulating the strategies the region should pursue to make its Regional Vision a reality. In addition to extensive, thoughtful input from residents and stakeholders, the research that underpins these policy directions has been rigorous. It includes more than three dozen in-depth strategy papers ( strategy_papers.aspx), authored by CMAP and its partners on topics suggested by the Regional Vision. CMAP also continues to publish a series of Regional Snapshot reports ( shot.aspx) that analyze broad areas requiring further in-depth study, such as the jobs-housing balance, air quality, the Latino population, infill, and more. Ongoing work includes an analysis of regional taxation issues and a study of infrastructure and economic development as it relates to the freight industry. CMAP also continues developing the Regional Indicators project (, a close partnership with The Chicago Community Trust to establish metrics to predict and measure progress by the region and its communities in implementing the Regional Scenario and Vision.

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