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Three scenarios, each representing a suite of actions, policies, and investment priorities, were presented to the public for feedback during Invent the Future, a public outreach campaign that took place in the summer of 2009. Based on public input and evaluation of potential outcomes from each set of strategies, CMAP combined the most positive aspects of the three scenarios to develop a preferred scenario; this preferred scenario laid the groundwork for the final policy recommendations of GO TO 2040.

A wide variety of public engagement activities took place during summer 2009. Participants could choose their depth of participation, ranging from taking a two-question survey to exploring CMAP’s scenario evaluation results in detail. Opportunities were available for face-to-face contact at over fifty workshops, online participation that did not require direct interaction, or visits to CMAP booths or kiosks located around the region. The primary public engagement tool used during the summer was an interactive software tool called MetroQuest, which let users experiment with different types of transportation investments and development patterns and view the outcomes of these decisions. More details at downloadasset.aspx?id=18112

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