Cut emissions from mobile sources by reducing emissions from the City fleet


The City is currently on track to replace or retrofit 90 percent of its diesel on-road vehicles to meet 2007 emissions standards or better by 2017. The impact is significant—it is estimated that replacing or retrofitting a vehicle to 2007 standards reduces emissions by approximately 90 percent over the previous standard. The City will consider targeting the remaining 10 percent of its diesel on-road vehicles.

The City is also promoting the adoption of new technologies through a variety of innovative projects, including increasing electric vehicles in its fleet. This follows a legacy of leadership in technology development and adoption. For example, DSNY tested state-of-the-art technology and alternative fuels and helped pioneer the improvements in heavy-duty diesel emissions that are now taking place nationwide. At present, the City operates over 800 Electric Vehicle (EV) plug-in units of some type and plans to reach at least 1,000 EV units in operation by 2017. The City currently operates 203 EV chargers, which is the largest network in the state of New York. We plan to have at least 250 chargers in operation by 2017. By 2016, the City also plans to introduce fast-charging chargers and at least one solar carport, an EV charger that draws all its power from solar panels.

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