Enforce the updated DEP Air Pollution Control Code


The recently updated DEP Air Pollution Control Code controls emissions from currently unregulated sources such as commercial charbroilers, wood boilers, refrigeration trucks, and mobile food trucks. Altogether, these unregulated sources account for 14 percent of local PM2.5 emissions.

Reducing emissions from commercial charbroiling is a cost-effective way to address a currently unregulated and significant pollution source. An analysis based on 2005-2007 data estimated that installing existing control technology could reduce charbroiler emissions in New York City by 85 percent and result in over 300 avoided deaths and 500 avoided emergency department visits and hospitalizations for cardiovascular and respiratory disease annually. The code also provides incentives to use clean technologies for auxiliary power units (APUs) for mobile food trucks and refrigeration trucks through registration-fee waivers and stricter controls on idling for vehicles without APUs.

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